Friday, October 24, 2003

Mention Me! XLVII

Joi Ito's been egosurfing Amazon's new Inside the Book search, so I thought I would, too. I had no idea I've been quoted and cited in so many books! Among the books that have dropped my name:

  • Tom Peters, The Circle of Innovation
  • Leonard Berry, Discovering the Soul of Service
  • Christine Piotrowski, Professional Practice for Interior Designers
  • William Upski Wimsatt, No More Prisons
  • John Hagel III and Arthur Armstrong, Net Gain
  • F. Leigh Branham, Keeping the People Who Keep You in Business
  • Cynthia Froggatt, Work Naked
  • Drew Banks and Kim Daus, Customer.Community
  • Hesselbein, Leading Beyond the Walls
  • Robert Reich, The Future of Success

  • That's pretty rad. Peters and Reich cited articles I wrote. I can go home now.

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