Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Mention Me! XLVI

When I was only a lad, I was actively involved in the Boy Scouts. Order of the Arrow, two National Boy Scout Jamborees, scout camp staff, Eagle Scout -- the whole nine yards. Back in the day, I and several friends published a staff newsletter for Camp Indian Trails in southern Wisconsin that was reviewed in Factsheet Five by Mike Gunderloy, who described it as a "punk fanzine that seems to be edited by Boy Scouts." That has been one of my guiding principles in journalism, as well as on the Web: "Would this work in a punk fanzine that seems to be edited by Boy Scouts?" Imagine my disappointment when I learned that Larry Livermore's Smart Punks idea was a Maximum Rocknroll April Fool's joke.

But leave it to Noah, one of the former editors of that newsletter, Stafficidal Tendencies and, later, ST, to dig up an old Jambo photo and identify who is now an active blogger. Too funny.

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