Tuesday, October 07, 2003

The Restaurant I Ate at Last Night XXIII

On the way back from Narrowsburg, New York, where the Fast Company editorial team gathered for a planning retreat late last week, Bill, Rob, Christine, and I stopped Friday night at Rein's Deli-Restaurant in Vernon, Connecticut. If you drive between the soul death that is Boston (harf!) and New York City frequently, you're well advised to check this out as an eating option. Crowded with locals -- including several elderly couples that seemed to be regulars -- and road-weary travelers, the New York-style deli boasts an ample menu. Slightly lacking in service -- "Didn't he take your drink order? Harrumph." and "French fries? I thought you wanted chips." -- the restaurant does provide good food. I had a pastrami reuben, French fries, coffee, and water, and while it wasn't amazing, it was worth returning to if I find myself between the two cities again.

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