Monday, October 06, 2003

Virtual Book Tour 2: Magazine Me

All right, I confess. I am a magazine junkie. I subscribe to so many magazines, it's ridiculous. Part of how I rationalize this is that I write for many magazines for my living. So it's part of what I need to do for my job, but it's still a little out of control. Some thoughts on magazines: I miss the old mid-90's Movieline with all the fun, edgy interviews. The new Hollywood Life looks good and still has some fun suff, but it also has all that fashion crap like lip gloss etc. We live in an Instyle world. If my Entertainment Weekly doesn't come on Friday, I'm very upset. I need it to kick off my weekend. I enjoy their film reviews by Lisa Schwarzbaum and Owen Gleiberman. I recently co-wrote a film called Testosterone that premiered at the Toronto Film festival, and Lisa S. reportedly saw it but did not write about it in her wrap up of the fest. I don't think she liked it. Although EW did mention the fact that Antonio Sabato, Jr., drops his trousers, which is true. Well, at least it was a positive mention. My pal Dave is the king of the zines, and whenever I'm at his place, I get to read cool zines like Chunklet and Giant Robot and The Believer, which has these excellent long interviews with interesting people. I also like to read screenwriting magazines like Creative Screenwriting. I like to hear how other writers do their thing and what they bitch about. My magazine addiction must at some time be curbed. If I stacked my magazines at my front door, stood on top of them, and leaned forward, I would end up in the Pacific. Oh, and I am constantly amazed at how dumbdumbdumb Us Weekly has become. Although there is a picture in the latest issue of Mariah Carey taking golf lessons in high heels, which is well worth keeping my subscription for a while longer.

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