Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Virtual Book Tour 2 III

Extra special thanks to Dennis Hensley, author of Screening Party for hosting Media Diet yesterday. He rocked the casbah. Now, he's continued on his merry way for the second stop of the Virtual Book Tour, dropping into Dave Thomas' Baltimore-based blog Confessions of an Indie Filmmaker.

In an email interview with many of the people featured in Hensley's book, Thomas plumbs the importance of Mad magazine, the new James Bond actor, movies Hensley couldn't include in the book, and whether Dr. Beaverman ever braved a gay bar. It's a catty snarkathon that's in the spirit of the book -- but in addition to. Imagine: They're really like this when they all get together! If only all my friends were so fabulous. (Just kidding, you guys are great.)

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