Monday, May 05, 2003

All Dolled Up

My weekend reading on the Big Blue Couch on Church Corner included a lot of serendipitous mentions of new-school dolls, action figures, and related items. KidRobot is a San Francisco-based shop that specializes in urban vinyl action figures. Think Michael Lau and Eric So, as well as Kubricks and Qees mini-figures, and the lovely plushes of Friends&Friends and Prettyugly. Wonderful stuff! As the war continues to "end," maybe we can expect a price decrease on the President Bush and Saddam Hussein action figures from Hero Builders. You can even buy a pink dress or S&M outfit for your dolls: "Embarass your villain action figure by dressing it with this lovely pink dress." Lastly, I don't know how many Media Dieticians are active travelers -- much less Red Roof Inn loyalists -- but if red is your hotel roof color of choice, rest assured that you can now acquire your very own "Red" bobble head doll. It doesn't seem to me that "Red" is a mascot with a lot of clout to get out, but for $10, bobble on.

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