Thursday, May 30, 2002

Rock Shows of Note XX
Four bands played at the final Handstand Command anniversary show last night. I caught sets by three of them.

After parting ways with the friend I hung out with at the Media Bistro cocktail party (I'm not using people's names in order to protect the innocent.), I arrived at the Abbey just in time to catch the end of Palomar, an amazing rock foursome that reminded me of Heavenly and Pest 5000. They were a lot of fun and seemed extremely friendly, to boot.

Next up, the Operators, who were celebrating the release of their new CD on Unstoppable Records, "Citizens Band". It's been forever since the Operators have played live, and their return to the stage was excellent. There've been rumors that the band was going to, well, disband, but Steph says that isn't so. Yay! Welcome back, Operators.

Lastly, the Pee Wee Fist. They didn't really float my boat. 'Course, I was in the midst of a bit of girl trouble, so maybe I didn't give them a fair shake. Regardless, a good show -- and an amazing end to the Handstand Command residency.

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