Wednesday, May 01, 2002

Happy May Day!
It's not just the first day of the month (You should say Happy [Month] Day to people on the first day of every month.); it's also the international working class holiday.

What can you do to recognize May Day? RTMark suggests that people call in sick for work. Russell Bruce Campbell recommends that people celebrate Labor Day on May 1 instead of in September, when it's officially scheduled. You might want to read F. Scott Fitzgerald's short story "May Day." And you should remember the martyrs of the Haymarket riots in Chicago.

The Independent Media Center offers a roundup of global activities, protests, and rallies for today. In Boston, folks have organized the Festival del Pueblo, which will run through May 5 and feature demonstrations, a carnival, a book fair, and a music festival. Wish I were in town this weekend!

Happy May Day.

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