Thursday, May 23, 2002

Rock Shows of Note XIX
Is that the Roman numeral for 19? I hope so. If I keep this up, I'll have to become more well-versed in Roman numerals. (Steven Gibbs has developed a useful Roman numeral and date conversion page to which I'm sure to return.) In any event, I'm home now after 11 days (or XI, if you're keeping track of my progress) in New Mexico with my family -- our first family vacation in years. It was awesome -- select reports on what we did and where we went to come soon -- and it's slightly weird to be back: back in Boston, back with my friends, back at work. In fact, I'm a little hung-over. From the time away, but also from last night's Handstand Command anniversary show -- as well as the prospect of wading through the 3,000 emails waiting in my in box. Yikes! But first, the show.

Last night was the residency's wild-card show. Jef's been great in terms of organizing shows highlighting similar but slightly divergent musical groups, and last night was no exception. It may have even been the rule. First up, Cathy Cathodic, a Boston-based "femcee." Cathy's a wonderfully empowering hip-hop artist whose rhymes focused on relationships, self-esteem, and respect. Most of the pieces seemed to deal with gender differences and how to avoid -- or respond to -- being mistreated by men. A powerful set -- and welcome in one of Boston's best rock venues.

Next, Scrapple. It's been awhile since I've seen the gang play live, and it was well worth catching up with their brand of "popera": a self-described "cabaret of musical vignettes rolled out with props, costumes and such stuff." They performed most of my favorites, including "Light-Up Alien Pussy," which I mention primarily to see how it affects Media Diet's search-engine results. If you haven't heard -- or seen -- Scrapple, they're worth checking out. The only band I can think of that comes even close to what they do is the now-defunct Double Dong. (Double Dong's last show was May 17 -- RIP.)

Lastly, Naughty Shirley, the rock act involving Slamber of Pelvic Circus. To be totally truthful, I was a little in my cups at this point and sequestered behind the merch table, so I didn't pay that much attention, but, yes, they're a rock band -- and Naughty Shirley's music is quite different than Pelvic Circus' virulent queercore. I'll have to see them again before I can say much more about them. Apologies extended.

Teddy, the bartender at the Abbey, says that the Handstand Command residency has been the best Wednesday night series the bar has ever scheduled. Fingers crossed that the music collective will secure more dates there in the future. Yup, definitely a little hung-over. On to those 3,000 emails.

Incidentally, some photographs of the residency are now available. Make with the clicky click.

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