Wednesday, May 01, 2002

The Restaurant I Ate at Last Night IV
Addis Red Sea Ethiopian Restaurant
Located within easy walking distance of the Back Bay T stop -- and not too far from Delux -- this is a quaint little eatery decorated with tapestries and outfitted with woven basket tables called mesobs. Alex and I ordered an assortment of dishes, including a spicy chicken stew, collard greens, and several lentil- and chickpea-based dishes, which were served on injera, edible spongy bread that doubles as a serving platter -- perhaps the best part of Ethiopian meals. You can eat your plate!

If you haven't eaten Ethiopian before, you should. You eat with your hands, tearing off pieces of injera and using it to pinch and scoop up bites of the family-style servings. Go with a lot of friends. Order a wide array of different dishes. And be sure to try the Ethiopian honey wine. It's the perfect white wine -- not too dry, not too tart, just sweet enough, and almost like pear nectar. Wonderful for sore throats, probably.

Just don't knock over your mesob. Or ask for silverware. These are no-no's.

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