Friday, May 03, 2002

Rock Shows of Note XV
My plan last night was to maybe head home after a quick, scaled-down Anchormen practice at the Sound Museum (Chris was exhausted after moving to his new apartment Wednesday night, so it was just Jef, Tom, and me). Maybe even hang out with Alex a little. But sometimes plans change. The rain -- and my need for a ride home -- the fact that our friends' band Spoilsport was playing at the Milky Way, and Jef's acquisition of two free tickets led me to head into Jamaica Plain with Jef, who had offered me a ride. Our new plan was to show up at the Milky Way just as Spoilsport started their set -- we were sure they'd play first -- and then leave right afterward. The night was still young.

That plan changed, too, as a third, wild-card band was also on the bill -- and playing first. Grr. Skunk was the band's name, and the three-piece played a pretty standard, derivative, college-age mixture of power pop, ska, and reggae. They played a song that seemed inspired by Elvis Costello. They played a song that seemed inspired by the Spin Doctors. They played a song that seemed inspired by "Rattle and Hum"-era U2. They played a song that seemed inspired by Social Distortion. They played a rather uninspired Clash cover, which surprised me because there were a lot of Clash influences woven throughout their set. Rather tiresome, all told. There's a reason the band's called Skunk. That's a joke, son.

Thankfully, Spoilsport eventually took the stage -- although too late for my tastes last night. Craig, Jon, and the gang get better every time I see them play, and last night was probably the most fun I've had at a Spoilsport show. By turns Ne'er Do Wells-styled beat pop and a sunny, surfy pop appreciation a la Tullycraft, their songs are amazing. And their onstage demeanor is excessively fun and friendly. They seem to have a lot of fun being on stage together, and they seem to have as much fun watching the people in the crowd as they do playing live. Charming, disarming. Very, very nice. Even if "Bootz" did throw her cap gun at me. The gall.

So. A show of mixed feelings. Frustrated I didn't get home as early as I'd planned. And frustrated by Skunk. But quite pleased to catch another Spoilsport show. I think they're a keeper.

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