Thursday, May 09, 2002

Blogging About Blogging XX
It's like the Superbowl! And that's rather appropriate given that the Peer-to-Peer Review Project seems to have finally run its course. You can now access the blog reviews -- which might be slightly challenging because the scripts seem somewhat buggy, attributing blogs and reviews to the wrong people. But everything's there.

What doesn't seem to be there, however, is a review of Media Diet. Maybe I can't find it because the scripts are weird, but, sigh. What if nobody reviewed Media Diet? I hope that whomever was slated to review Media Diet didn't get reviewed either, although that would probably create a vicious circle in which no sites were reviewed at all. If a tree falls and all that. Sigh. Darn free-rider problem! Oh, well, I'll get over it -- and myself. Sigh.

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