Monday, March 06, 2006

Third World Rap

This is a gem. Not only was I involved in a fake hip-hop "act" called Rapcrap, it appears that when I was in ninth grade -- 1988 -- I presented a class project with Casey S., Jenny N., and Heather M. for a social studies class taught by Mr. Looze. That project? The Third World Rap. Witness our political insights and sensitivity.

They call us the Third World
We don't have much wealth
We have many people
In terrible health

Developed am I
I have lots of money
Their situation is bad
It is not funny (oh no)

We asked them to help us
They surely agreed
They gladly would help
A country in need

I gave up some money
It really was tough
And now they're complaining
It wasn't enough

Our people are starving
They need to eat
But their aid has not helped us
Stand on our own feet

I gave you some money
That's all I can do
I've done all I can
It's now up to you

We're in a depression
That will not pass
But all you will do
Is sit on your butt

I gave you the food
What more do you need?
I'd build you some factories
But would they succeed?

OK, build us the factories
What good will they do?
We don't have the knowledge
To run them like you

The problems we face
Are might confusing
The worst part about it
Is that we're all losing

Ah, yes, the tried and true conclusion that challenges are... complex.

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