Monday, March 06, 2006

Old School Rap III

It's Monday, and that means it's time for more writing from the archives. Here are some additional long-lost lyrics from my high-school hip-hop "act," Rapcrap. Without further ado: "Just Say No."

Now here's homeboy John
Who's bringin' you the beat
That, to yer virgin ears
Sounds, oh so sweet

That was my bro Brian
You know I'm not lyin'
He's so hot tonight
That the floor is French-fryin'

And now I'm stutterin' Steve
Talkin' to the [mic]
We'll rock you like the rock
That winds you up so tight

Now we're here tonight to get across a message
That is the purpose of this session
We don't do drugs and we don't do drink
Before you do you better stop and think

Drugs mess you up so bad, they don't do any good
You'll be the only loser in your neighborhood
We don't mean to preach don't have anything to show
But like Ronnie's spouse sas -- Just Say No

Nobody can make you do what you don't wanna
So if they start pushin' crack or marijuana
An' they call themselves friends, you better think again
'Cause hypocrisy is a bitter sin

Pretendin' to be what you can't be
That, my friends, is called hypocrisy
If a so-called friend is doggin' doggin' you
He's not your friend his friendship isn't true

Peer pressure? No that's not it
It's just an excuse to be a hypocrite
If you never have -- you won't
If you don't want to -- don't
All of this whining just makes me sick

Now we're underage -- sophomores to be exact
And it's all the rage -- to get totally whacked
Just pass it by -- hold yourself back
Turn the page -- now you're on the right track

Now you've heard this before
But I'll tell you again
We're [four] white guys with soul
And this is the end

Caucasian straight-edge hip hop, circa 1989!

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