Thursday, March 30, 2006

Do-It-Yours(h)elf Art

Got an interesting email from the curator of Maiden, Brooklyn, today:

Beginning on April 1st, we are turning the front room of our space at 252 Grand Street into an old school bodega.

As part of his on going Shopdropping project, artist Ryan Watkins-Hughes curates an open call exhibition of art placed on store-bought cans of victuals. Coming out of the tradition that is part a guerilla street art, part a culture jam, the Shopdropping places stimulating visuals in unexpected places. By covertly sneaking into grocery stores and supermarkets and replacing merchandise with altered soup cans, Ryan anonymously activates the visual space usually taken over by corporate branding.

For the show at Maiden, Ryan asked over 40 artists to contribute their art. After placing the submissions on standard 8oz cans, he will display them, NY Deli style, on narrow racks lining the walls of the store. Also, through the cooperation of the Grand Street storeowners, the project will continue in several spaces along the street. The visitors to Maiden, Brooklyn will be provided with a detailed map of the neighborhood spots where the cans can be found, dispatching them on an appropriately timed Easter Egg hunt, but for cans. Hilarity will ensue.


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