Monday, March 06, 2006

Old School Rap IV

More Rapcrap, this time an untitled ditty. Warning: This one is more puerile than previous offerings and is offered for historical interest only. (Remember that this was written in 1989 or so when I was 16. That's a long time ago.) Note: The handwritten draft was annotated by Steve to indicate where lines would be traded; these annotations have not been included.

Steve and I were bummin' out in speech class
Tryin' to decide how we were gonna pass
Mr. Schubert just called us gregarious
Which means our situation is now precarious
Writing out raps or drawing out war scenes
The time flies by until the school bell rings

Karen L***** is Bobby G.'s main squeeze
He can ***** her ear whenever he does please
He has "I [heart] Karen" all over his folder
All he wants her to do is die under a falling boulder
Because she's a real wench... all of the time
'Cause drugs and booze have scragged her mind

Heath asked me to write two more lines
So I'll say to you he likes Dawn V****


We are hot and we're really movin'
But as Brian would say, "We're really groovin'"

I admit to cutting about nine lines because they were too embarassing. I don't need to air all of my near-literate dirty laundry.

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