Friday, March 31, 2006

Clock Stopper

One of my best Ebay purchases has been a lot of vintage paperback books, primarily mystery novels. Among that lot was this title, George Harmon Coxe's 1957 novel One Minute Past Eight. It was a gripping read. A missing heir's brother goes on the hunt to Venezuela and becomes embroiled in a crime of passion involving several suspects.

Coxe penned more than 60 novels in his 80-plus year life, and this work falls roughly in the middle of his career. It's a classic hardboiled thriller. The foreign locale. The femme fatale. The love-inspired murder. The hard-edged law officials. The newspaper reporter of ill report. The Felix Leiter-like sidekick. Gambling debts. Affairs. A bounty hunter. The whole shebang.

It's been several weeks since I read this, so I fear I'm unable to share much more, but know this: Coxe is worth seeking out and reading. Excellent.

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