Monday, March 06, 2006

Man Clam Chow

In the years that Rapcrap was "active," there was an actual funk band in Madison called Man Clam Chow. Band members included Grant Samuelson, whom I've never met. I'm guessing that I saw them play while attending band camp. This piece was written for them, I'm sure.

I went to this club just the other night
I felt like dancin' and the girls were alright
So I went with the flow didn't put up a fight

The amps were maxed the pulse was pumpin'
And all the people in the pit were really jumpin'
The band on the stage was really funkin'

The Cattleprod show was not all ages
And I couldn't find the New Loft in the yellow pages
(For Inspector 12 I didn't have the wages)

Testing testing... Man Clam Chow
Testing testing... Show us how
Testing testing... Show us how

Cattleprod remains one of my favorite bands from the late '80s in Wisconsin. And the New Loft was-is a real venue. Inspector 12 shows were relatively affordable, and Jason and I interviewed them in an issue of our zine Blow -- which in turn earned us a thank you in one of their 7-inches.

Mmm, Wisconsin rocks.


gman26 said...

I saw Man Clam Chow in Madison. Their drummer Terry Graves later toured with the Black Peas. The lead singer legally changed his name to Man Clam.

Anonymous said...

Man Clam Chow used to play at our house in Madison on Bassett street! I can't believe Ben changed his name to Man Clam. Great.

Anonymous said...

I used to deliver Pizza for Rozino's, one of the drivers was a very eccentric guy who was in Man Clam Chow... great guy too....

Titus77 said...

I'm sure I saw them at some point while in Madison. I knew many musicians at the time (late 80s) & was probably 2 degrees separated from every band in town. Come to think of it, pretty sure I k
new Ben. Was he from Connecticut?