Monday, March 06, 2006

Old School Rap V

Another untitled Rapcrap wonderment:

Sittin' in the library... makin' up a rhyme
Thinkin' up raps just to pass away the time.
Sittin' at the table with a pencil in my hand
Gettin' dirty looks from the... big man.

Now we're really movin' -- my pencil lead is meltin'
Don't laugh at us, or your face we will be beltin'
Our aim is now perfection -- we don't need to erase
Criticize our work and we'll puncture your face

We've got a special guest and his name is Bob
He always listens to us 'cause he wants to rob
Our work because he knows we're cool
An' we make all the other bogus rappers drool

We put down a line
An' then we write down another
We're always together
'Cause we're just like brothers

We can't stay home, we still go to school
We'd rather be at Arcadia just playin' some pool
We listen to our music there, really loud
We're good looking; we always draw a crowd

This was indeed written in pencil. I wrote the bulk of it, but the last stanza was contributed by Steve, I believe (the handwriting from previous samples matches). Arcadia was one of the arcades we'd frequent, but few crowds were ever attracted by our inarguable good looks, much less mad pool skills.

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