Thursday, August 15, 2002

Web Remnants IV
It's a big day on the Web where I work. Fast Company's Web site was recently redesigned to accompany the magazine's new design and content architecture -- the redesigned Web debuted moments ago. And the Web site for the 2002 CoF Roadshow, my road trip from Virginia to Vermont later this year, is now live. If you know anyone along the route you think I should meet -- or company's you think I should look into -- let me know. I'd appreciate the leads.

And outside of the office, the book I'm editing, Off Message: Voices from the Business Underground is listed on Capstone-Wiley's Web site. The catalog copy we wrote ages ago isn't a very accurate description of the book as it stands now -- my editor recently described it as "much edgier and funnier than expected" -- but you should still, ahem, pre-order our copy today. You get to read, and I get to eat. Fair enough?

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