Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Television-Impaired V
I think I'm in love. Oh, you might think you know who I'm in love with based on names that pop up in Media Diet entries every so often, but today I'm in love with a TV show. The Gilmore Girls on the WB, to be precise.

Now, I've only seen two or three episodes of the program, all video-taped reruns at this point, as the season premiere doesn't hit the airwaves until late September, but this is one of the best TV programs I've ever seen. In the show's first season, there were more than 20 episodes. In the three that I've seen, I was struck by the character development, the impressive relationship between the main mother-daughter characters, and the quick-witted pacing of the show. Much of the program's dialogue is delivered in a highly caffeinated, rapid-fire, extremely clever manner, and it's a joy to just listen to the banter.

The show is populated by characters you can't help but love, characters you can't help but hate, and relationships you can't help but wonder about and hope for. Until the second season starts, I'm not sure how I'm going to get my Gilmore Girls fix. Maybe I'll have to pick up the Gilmore Girls books.

Mmm, to be young and in love -- with the Gilmore Girls.

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