Thursday, August 15, 2002

Products I Love III
Two items of note, one of which I use every single day, and one that I just ordered but am hella excited about.

From L'Oreal's Studio Line, I'm a big, big fan of the Anti-Sticky Invisi-Gel. You can get it in Extra Body or, I believe, Mega Hold. Wonderful stuff. While I'm not sure whether the "anti-sticky" description means that it's not sticky, won't get sticky if your hair gets warm or wet, or if the gel actually repels other sticky things, but I love it. It holds your hair well, and if you run a brush through your hair later in the day, it gets all poofy. At a recent Anchormen show, a friend actually said I had newscaster hair. That means it's working!

And I recently came across Siegel Display Products, a company that manufactures trade-show booths, displays, and literature racks for corporate clients. In their July 2002 catalog, the Magazine Rack 3001V caught my eye. It's a two-tier, baked-on black-enamel wire rack that stands almost three feet high and holds standard-sized magazines. As a frequent reader and media geek, I've oft struggled with my reading pile, which currently stands in two stacks of magazines spilling onto the kitchen floor in my apartment. And I have high hopes that the rack I just ordered moments ago will help control my clutter. Hooray for magazine racks! You can also order wall-mounted magazine stands -- mostly for trade-show display, again (which means the slots aren't that deep) -- as well as rotating wire racks similar to the Hey Kids! Comics! displays you might still see in drug stores.

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