Thursday, August 29, 2002

'Tis the Season to Be... AWOL XI
I'm taking the day tomorrow, the first of my Friday's off to use up my vacation time before it expires. Tomorrow night, I fly to Chicago to visit my grandmother in northwest Indiana. Based on your votes, we plan to spend the weekend visiting the John Dillinger Museum at the Indiana Welcome Center, the Yellow Brick Road Gift Shop and Oz Fantasy Museum in Chesterton, Indiana, and perhaps even the South Bend Chocolate Co. if we feel like that long a drive.

Monday I'll spend with friends in Chicago. Coco's also visiting friends in Chicago, so we'll probably spend most of Monday stomping around the Northwestern University campus in Evanston, Illinois. I went to college there, and it'll be fun to show her some of the sights and sites that are important to me. I'll report on our activities upon my return next Tuesday.

While I always hope to update Media Diet while traveling, if I don't, that doesn't mean that Media Diet is dead (long live Media Diet!). It just means that it's resting. See you Tuesday after Labor Day.

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