Tuesday, August 20, 2002

From the In Box: Books Worth a Look VI
One request I have for you, as a reader of your blog -- I was digging back through your "From the Reading Pile" and "Books Worth a Look" sections (which, on a side note, are actually easier to track down using Google than Atomz, but that's a critique for another day), and I would love it if you'd include the publisher of each book, if such an entity exists, as well as the title and author and date. Especially since a fair number of the books you write about are independently produced.

(In this case, I was curious to see if you'd reviewed any of the So New Media books, but I only recognized "Words! Words! Words!" from having seen the title in their catalog.)
-- Tom Hopkins

Consider it done. With the next edition of Books Worth a Look, I'll note the publisher, as well. On your side note, I, too, have been frustrated by Atomz. It doesn't seem to find much, ever, and the search results are formatted such that the results are masked, even. Tough to find what you found, if that makes any sense. When I have some time, I'll explore a better search tool option. Does Google do microsite search engines? Any other recommendations?

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