Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Corollary: Rock Shows of Note XXXI
I returned to Toad last night to see Schwang and the Tim Gearan Band with Coco and her friend Mark. I wasn't totally into the idea of seeing the bands again -- they're good but not brilliant -- but I did want to see Coco, so there you go. The show was slightly different. Schwang and Gearan were joined by a new guitarist, Kevin, whose approach was more blues and solo oriented -- not as sparse and ornamental as Dave Goodrich's guitar work. And Schwang was joined by the bartender's sister, who'se visiting from out of town, for several songs. She's got a solid voice and a sultry stage presence. Her harmonies with Anita were especially impressive. Gearan's band added a mohawked hand drum and tambourine player -- who slid in beside us on the side pew, making seating quite tight. He was the most intent tambourine player I've ever seen. Wasn't going to let it get away from him, no sir! The saxophonist was mic'ed this time, which was awesome. You could hear the tenor much better than last week. But still not my thing. We left after several songs to walk home.

Also of note, Andy got a haircut.

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