Monday, April 14, 2003

Rock Shows of Note LX
Kurt and I headed to the Middle East Corner last night around 9 for the opening reception for the Creepshow Art Extravaganza, which runs until May 15. Featuring work by "The Count," "Salty Dave," and "Joe Keinberger," it's a good showing of comics, paintings, and rock poster art by three locals. I may be off my rocker, but I think the three artists are in fact Ed Curran, Dave Bryson, and Joe Keinberger -- the folks behind the Comb-Over minicomics.

The place was packed. Packed! Saw TD and Jamie and tried to find some open space to stand and chat after making the rounds to see the showing. Of the three, I'm the biggest fan of Keinberger's work. His Brian Ralph-meets-Ralph Steadman drawings continue to impress me with their scritchy-scratch. Bryson also had some excellent pieces on display, and Curran seems to be specializing in pretty straight-forward rock poster art these days. We didn't stick around for the performances, which included a burlesque act by Ms. Firecracker and a set by the act Lenny and the Piss Poor Boys, because it was so crowded. Instead we headed down the street to the Cambridgeport Saloon for more conversation and some video game action.

If you haven't seen the Creepshow yet, it runs through May 15. Well worth checking out.

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