Wednesday, April 23, 2003

IM'erview with a Ween Fan

I don't get many random IM's from people I don't know via Media Diet, but I just got pinged by a Ween fan in Pennsylvania. Here's the "fan"-script:

boognishdeciple: hellow
h3athrow: And you are...?
b: a fellow ween fan
h: Friend of Jodie? [I'd just IM'd Jodie about Weezer not too long ago, not Ween.]
b: jodie???
h: Never mind.
h: How'd you find me?
b: google
h: I'm not the biggest Ween fan, so I'm slightly confused.
b: looking at ween shit
b: saw your im name
h: Ah, I blogged about the pizza adverts
b: yes
b: i downloaded them
h: Funny stuff, hey?
b: all ween
b: they are comedic geniouses
h: Who else do you listen to?
h: Any recommendations?
b: i really like the white stripes
b: tool
b: nine inch nails
h: The Stripes just played Boston on Sunday
b: omg
b: i just got their new album
b: so great
h: Do you like Hot Hot Heat?
b: is that a band
h: Yes, from Victoria, British Columbia
h: Brilliant
b: i will download sometime
b: ok
b: ty dude
b: allways looking for new good music
h: Also, I'm in a band called the Anchormen you might get a kick out of
b: i will whrite this down
b: ok
b: i will definetly check you guys out
b: i cant spell
h: Our third CD comes out next month
b: i will look
h: Where are you?
b: PA
h: Do you know Atom and His Package? [Atom's from Pennsylvania.]
h: Another band you may enjoy
b: whriting down
h: Heh
h: Sorry to overwhelm you, but it's not often I get IM'd by randoms
b: is that bad
h: No. It's fun
b: i was looking for ween fans
h: Well, sorry to disappoint... I hardly ever listen to them
h: Haven't really since 1991
h: But I was interested in the aborted adverts
b: its cool
b: you are not into them anymore
h: Do you know Meetup?
h: There's a Ween Meetup in almost 600 cities [Actually, that wasn't true.]
b: no
h: Nothing in PA though
b: pa sucks ass
h: Also... [this discussion forum]
h: might be up your alley
b: ok
b: lots of new shit to check out
h: Thanks for saying hey
b: its cool
b: ran into AmyCrawfordISM aswell
h: Who she?
b: a big ween fan
h: Ah
b: just looken for some suckas
b: i had a dream once of getting michel jackson in the face with a flame thrower
h: I don't think you need to... he's had enough done to his face
h: Might melt
b: thats the point
b: it was a cool dream
b: exept nothing would happen to his face
h: Teflon
b: it wan infaseable
h: Well, I've got to get back to work.
b: seeya
h: Mind if I blog this, it being my first Media Diet IM with someone I don't know? [Outside of Victor Cayro, whom I've also IM'erviewed, but I knew of Victor.]
b: what do you mean
h: Post the transcript in my blog
b: no
b: go ahead
h: Cool.
h: Have a good night! Sun's getting dim
b: you aswell

And that's a wrap. Or rap. Media Dieticians, if you're on AIM, don't be shy.

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