Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Nervy, Pervy XIV

Oh, that Philip Kaplan. The proud papa of Fucked Company just rolled out a new "public service," Pud TV. Think Suicide Girls for the dotbomb set. From the site's opening page:

So my other site ... calls out companies that lie, cheat, and steal from their employees and customers. A lot of people are out of work and FC's various message boards give a voice to the unfortunate.

But what else I can do to help? Can any good come out of a bad economy?

Why, lots of newly-jobless girls willing to pose naked for money, of course.

Word is that the site features more than 1,500 pictures of disrobing dotbombshells partially clad in Fucked Company T-shirts. "Don't be surprised if you see that hottie in marketing you used to work with," quoth Philip.

I guess we should've seen this coming when Philip started hanging out with the CES/AVN set -- and when he approached adult movie studios about scripting three- to five-minute porn videos.

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