Saturday, April 19, 2003

Comics and Computers II

Between 1984 and 1991, Radio Shack distributed free copies of the comic book Tandy Computer Whiz Kids at their stores. Blending adventure stories, computer programming, and frequent mentions of Radio Shack, TRS-80, and Tandy products, the infrequently published series is a good example of corporate comic books. The first issue, which was published in conjunction with Archie Comic Publications, featured artwork by Dick Ayers and Chic Stone. It appears that the issues, each of which featured the young computer users Alec and Shanna, were all produced under the auspices of William Palmer, director of in-house publications for Radio Shack. Kudos to the Classic Computer Magazine Archive for making these comics available online. Other magazines available in the archive include Antic, STart, Creative Computing, and Hi-Res. Does anyone have an archive of inCider or A+ magazines available online? Or Enter, for that matter? Oh, those were the days.

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