Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Anchormen, Aweigh! XX

Every day so far this week (OK, yesterday and today), I've been getting several progress notification emails from Tanya at CDman, where we're pressing the forthcoming Anchormen CD, "Nation of Interns." It's a pretty slick process. You upload your CD, tray card, and booklet designs online, they send you PDF proofs -- which I just now received -- and you OK every step of the process via email.

Some of the emails have been somewhat confusing in terms of whether they need us to confirm or not, but it's pretty seamless so far. And the design proofs look great! We'll see how the final product turns out, but the Operators have used CDman to good effect, so hopes are high. We're well on our way to being ready for the May 16 CD release party and Handstand Command anniversary celebration.


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