Monday, April 21, 2003

The Free-Range Comic Book Project XVIII

This is an installment of Media Diet's Free-Range Comic Book Project.

Saturday: The Blair Witch Chronicles #2 (Oni, April 2000). Writer: Jen Van Meter. Artists: Bernie Mireault and Abu. Location: On the Green Line between Park Street and Brigham Circle.

Sunday: Blood of the Innocent #1 (Warp, Jan. 7, 1986). Writers: Rickey Shanklin and Mark Wheatley. Artist: Marc Hempel. Location: On a bench in Central Square.

Sunday's installment is the first Free-Range Comic Book I've actually seen get picked up by somebody. After walking through Boston Common, the Public Garden, down Beacon Street, across the Harvard Bridge, and up Mass. Ave. to Central Square, Andrea and I hung out for awhile on a bench in front of the Coquette clothing store. I placed the comic on the bench opposite us. While we were sitting there, an elderly man walked up and picked up the comic. He read the front cover -- and the Free-Range Comic Book card. He turned the comic over and read the back cover. He then flipped through the comic back to front, pausing briefly to turn back to the middle. Decision made, he rolled the comic up with a packet of paper he was carrying and walked away. I hope he actually reads the comic. And I hope he passes it on.

For more information on this project, please refer to this Media Diet entry.

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