Monday, April 14, 2003

Mix Tapeology II
Don't forget that I am almost always open to mix tape and CD-R trades. I recently received two mix CD's worth mentioning.

Shannon Okey mailed me a personalized mix CD entitled "Eleven-Headed Kuan Yin" that sports a specially printed disc sleeve sporting a photograph she took at the Cleveland Museum of Art in December 2002. The mix includes some wonderful songs by Lush, Supreme Music Program, Frank Black, Renegade Soundwave, and Pagoda Red. Shannon even included a liner note sheet offering commentary and a breakdown of categories that include South Americans Dancing and Ohioans.

I also got a mix CD recently from Jodie Peotter, an old friend from high school. Lacking any kind of playlist, the mix, which is entitled "To Lodi and Back," is a great assortment of punk rock, pop punk, and ska punk songs. If this is what she remembers me liking from high school, I fear my tastes haven't wandered too far. Even though the CD didn't come with a playlist, it did come with this handwritten explanation: "Formerly 'Jodie's Punk Junk,' renamed because I listen to it in the car b/t work and Lodi... Plus I lost the file that had the original songlist and title. Oops." No worries. Mixes without playlists can be fun. In college, I'd occasionally DJ radio programs without announcing the playlist -- we'd mention a P.O. Box people could write in to if they wanted our show's playlist zine.

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