Friday, April 11, 2003

Digesting the Daily X
Recent editions of the Daily Northwestern, the student newspaper of my
alma mater, featured several media-, technology-, and activism-related
items that might be of interest to Media Dieticians.

Man taken off death row with NU's help dies at 46
Professors who worked on case reflect in Williams' life after his
(April 1, 2003)

Spring book-buying frenzy at Norris praised as hassle-free
Some students still skeptical about campus monopoly after SBX closing
(April 2, 2003)

CAESAR alternative shut down without explanation
NUtopia helped McCormick students track progress on degrees -- for 4
(April 3, 2003)

Extra credit to Bottom of the Food Chain cartoonist Alex Thomas for putting his comic strip archives online. Someone should publish this guy.

[transmitted via sidekick hiptop.]

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