Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Games People Play X
Remember the Eamon series of text-based role-playing games? Well, it turns out that you can download them, and with an Apple II emulator or the program MultiAventures, as well as the basic Eamon software, you can play Eamon and other text-adventure games from AdvSys, AGT, Infocom, Scott Adams, Level 9, Quill, and C64 Basic. Hello Main Hall & Beginners Cave!

You are in the outer chamber of the hall of the guild of free adventurers. Many men and women are guzzling beer and there is loud singing and laughter.

On the north side of the chamber is a cubbyhole with a desk. Over the desk is a sign which says 'register here or else!'

Do you go over to the desk or join the men drinking the beer?

And then after some completed actions...

He studies you for a moment and says, 'here is a booklet of instruction for you to read, and your prime attributes are--

22-2 Eam_FN SYNTAX ERROR IN 110-1 HD=FNA(8) 110-1 HD=FNA(8)

Huh. Well, I'll figure it out. Awesome!

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