Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Thought for Food V

I live alone. And I don't cook a lot. I don't like leftovers, and when you cook for yourself, you more often than not end up with leftovers.

Yet I need to not eat out or order in so often. So I take occasional stabs at self-cookery. This week, I've rekindled two approaches to that: One, self-made lunches, and two, an easy dinner.

I don't often make lunches at home because even if I have time, even if I make a sandwich before leaving for work, by the time I eat it, it's somewhat soggy -- and sorry.

Solution: Buy meat, cheese, and bread for work. Put it in the fridge! I did this today: wheat bread, a quarter pound of turkey breast, and a quarter pound of pepper jack cheese. Oh, and a bottle of horseradish sauce. I think this will last two days. We'll see. (I'd have bought a half pound of each, but that tends to last too long -- and get too dry.)

And for dinner, I stopped by Yagura Japanese Market
on my way home tonight. I picked up udon noodles, dried mushrooms and seaweed (some seasoned), miso paste, and a huge bottle of soy sauce.

That leads me to one of the simplest -- and best -- recipes ever. To whit:

  • Boil some udon.
  • Add two teaspoons of miso paste.
  • Throw in some dried mushrooms (sliced shiitake).
  • Throw in some seaweed (me hijiki).
  • Wait a bit.
  • Eat.

Amazing. Simple sustenance.

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