Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Picture Perfect

Squidoo in the NYT
Originally uploaded by Gil to the Rescue.
I was in the New York Times on Monday. Not mentioned in the article, but included in the photograph. My first picture in the Times!


dcgrrl said...

That's so cool! I read the article with anticipation, hoping to see your name, and the rest of the team, but hey - the article was great to see, and I think it describes the concept very well to outsiders. I was a bit discouraged the Newsweek with the big Internet focus didn't include Squidoo, but you'll get there.

So much hard work must have gotten you to this point. Congratulations!

Unknown said...

This is very cool, Heath. Great picture and great work with Squidoo. I haven't played with lenses much, but Susan has decided that our expertise is in neuroblastoma and childhood cancer from the parents' perspective, so she has started creating a lens.