Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Restaurant I Ate at Last Night XXXIII

I just ate the best food and might have a new favorite takeout restaurant. Through Zipmenu I learned about M Shanghai Bistro & Den. Ordering online, I got a ginger ale, steamed vegetable dumplings, and a potato and soy peas in spicy bean paste dish with rice. Amazing. The filling fir the dumplings was finely chopped and mixed: Delicious. And the potato/soy dish was flavored extremely well -- although they seem to have cut back on the potatoes in the name of tofu.

But the really neat part was when the delivery guy came, to check that he was at the right place, he asked me what I ordered. And I barely remembered. "Let's see... I got a ginger ale. And something with potato and peas. And an appetizer -- dumplings?" Then he told me that it'd be better if I ordered on the phone because the prices were higher online. Checking against their print menu, I saw that the appetizer and entree were priced the same, but the delivery guy said that the ginger ale was $2 more expensive than what they charged.

Who gets that additional money: Zipmenu or the restaurant? I also wonder how across-the-board this markup is.

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