Thursday, April 06, 2006

An Idea for a New Music

I've had strong sounds running through my veins all day today, and as far as I know, there are no musical recordings that, if listened to, would satisfy the urge my body, heart, and soul are feeling.

A new music I'd like to be able to listen to, channel, and witness: A combination of a marching band drumline mixed with political and socially conscious hiphop, with the energy of a go-go band and the pageantry of a New Orleans-style brass band.

Think about it: The drumline could include a tri tom, bass drum, snare, cymbal, whistle and -- maybe -- a xylophone. There would be two or three MCs. Maybe a drum major. And maybe some sideline cheerleaders or pompon girls.

The drumline's cadences would form the foundation of the lyrics and rhymes, and there'd be a lot of stepshow-like choreography.

Can anyone think of any nascent or existing examples of such music and performance? Is anyone interested enough in it that I could make it happen?

Count it off, now.


braine said...

In your very own neighborhood lives the Hungry Marching Band (Angry? I think it's Hungry). I can't speak to their particular instrumentation, but I can tell you that they have the energy you describe, the anarchic cheerleaders, the tight focus, and could easily back a hiphop act in a specialty situation. Find them.

Joe said...

A few young groups are characterized as fusing hip hop and brass bands - Young Bloods, New Birth, Soul Rebels... I think you have something a bit more truly unique in mind, but you may want to check these out if you haven't yet...