Monday, April 03, 2006

New Record Day III

Here's what's coming out this week that I think is notable:

  • The Flaming Lips, At War with the Mystics
  • Islands, Return to the Sea
  • The Kings of Nuthin', Over the Counter Culture
  • Liars, The Other Side of Mount Heart Attack
  • Morrisey, Ringleader Of The Torment
  • One Man Army/Undead Quartet, 21st Century Killing Machine split
  • Queensryche, Operation Mindcrime II
  • Rainer Maria, Catastrophe Keeps Us Together
  • Tapes 'n Tapes, The Loon
  • U.S. Bombs, We Are the Problem
  • Venom, Metal Black
  • The Vines, Vision Valley

Clearly, I won't be buying a lot this week. Sheesh. How to choose? What records are you going to pick up this week?

Update: I got none of the above! Instead, I picked up the new Mountain Goats' EP, Babylon Springs. Kudos, John Darnielle!

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you wont regret it!