Thursday, April 27, 2006

May a Thousand Howards Bloom

I've followed the work of Howard Rheingold for years. I've read his books. I've been inspired by his ideas. I've participated in his online communities. And we exchange the occasional email. But we've yet to meet.

In fact, because of Rheingold and Howard Bloom, I hold the first name Howard in as high an esteem as the first name Douglas -- because of Douglas Rushkoff and Douglas Coupland.

When I first moved to New York, I had a chance to meet one of the Howards -- Bloom -- at an intimate dinner discussion gathering at his home thanks to a friend. I was unable to participate, but I keep both eyes open for my next opportunity to touch base with the man.

Unfortunately, the next immediate chance, I'm again unable to take advantage of. Saturday night, Bloom is participating in Kosmic Grooves, where he "will be speaking about how the youth of our generation can participate to help massively and positively change our world" and sharing the stage with Andrew Cohen, the man behind What Is Enlightenment? magazine and other initiatives. There will also be DJs, visuals, and perhaps even glow sticks.

$20 at the door. $15 presale. $15 at the door if you say you're a friend of Howard's.

Wish I could go! You should go in my stead.

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