Friday, April 28, 2006

The Brain Hotel

It's been awhile since I've published any lyrics from the Rapcrap archives. This little ditty is titled "The Brain Hotel":

Now just forget everything you've been told
We're about to put your world on hold
I am not a door-to-door man with something to sell
I'm just another resident of the Brain Hotel

Your head is what your brain's inside
If you mess with your head, you're messin' with your mind
So be careful in this world of pain
If you go too far, you'll go insane

So you've got to have a sense of humor
Whether you've got a cold or just a brain tumor
You've got to take harsh stuff in stride
Use the strength you've got inside

In one sure thing you can invest
You are equal to all the rest
So if you begin to feel low
Pick yourself up -- have another go

Don't get the breaks? In a messy situation?
The Brain Hotel: Make a reservation

This was written in pencil, in capital letters, on loose-leaf notebook paper.

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