Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Technofetishism XII
Finally up and running with my new PowerBook G4 full time! Getting all of my preferences set -- printer, etc. -- and making sure everything's here. What a beaut!


Just a quick review of the Toymax Activision 10-in-1 TV Game, which I took for a test drive last night. It's important that you use fresh batteries in the controller, or you get these surreal, shifting pixellated graphics on your TV. I thought it was broken at first. Of the games included, Grand Prix and Crack Pots seem to be the most fun. There's a game called Freeway that really perplexes me. You're a chicken, and all you can do is cross the road in a straight line. It's like Frogger, only boring. Additionally, it doesn't seem that you can actually progress through levels in the games. When you complete a run, the game just ends, and you have to select a level manually. So it doesn't bode well for long-time game play. But the biggest frustration is the fire button. You see, it doesn't work very well. The directional keypad works fine, but the keypad used for firing is slightly inconsistent and difficult to work. That'll also affect gameplay. But it's fun revisiting all the old Activism games. And for $20, some cheap design elements can be overlooked.

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