Monday, July 15, 2002

Event-O-Dex V
Several upcoming DIY and other media gatherings you might be interested in:

July 18, Allston, Massachusetts: So & So, the In Out, Choo Choo La Rouge, and the Rudds at O'Brien's
Erin says, "Judy and I are playing a set under the name So & So. Dave and Dan of the Fightin Dogs will back us up on bass and/or drums. Plus! I'm gonna wear a Canada shirt." Maybe she'll even sing in Canadian!

July 19-20, Somerville, Massachusetts: Somerville Arts Council Art Beat
Food, folks, and fun, as well as the Art Beat Sideshow organized by Handstand Command. The Anchormen will play several songs at the Sideshow.

August 10-24, New York City: In the Wire
A friend from college who just today re-entered my life is putting on this play with her husband. I don't know if there are puppets involved, but the InterWeb sure is!

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