Friday, July 12, 2002

From the In Box: Comic Book Collections
I first read Swamp Thing ("Love and Death") from the Cuyahoga County (Ohio) Public Library. We had a good library back then. I don't know if they had other graphic novels; I didn't look for them much, but my friend Chris Breitenbach was a pretty big Alan Moore fan and he told me to go looking for it.

I bet they stock a few graphic novels at CCPL. I used to check out pop music charts when I was playing the guitar. They had lots of good stuff, although you had to order it from the regional branch.

I don't go to the library enough any more. I had a phase in the winter when I got some real good stuff, but the Chicago branches are usually pretty mediocre. When I lived near Sulzer Regional in Lincoln Square, that was promising, and Evanston will let me check out up to three books at a time on my Chicago card, so that's good.

The best library book i got during that binge was Basil Davidson's "The Lost Cities of Africa," about the history of Africa before colonialism. So much that we don't learn in school! But understandable in the sense that there's not much written record, and archaeology has only been digging this stuff up (sorry!) for about fifty years now.
-- Joe Germuska

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