Monday, July 15, 2002

Pieces, Particles VI
The following media-related stories recently spotted in print publications -- and now online -- might be worth a look. Heads and decks, only. Heads and decks.

A Model Journalist, by Richard Connelly, Houston Press, July 4-10, 2002
A TV anchor does a little promotional work on the side

Board the Weblog Bandwagon Now, Please, by Steve Outing, Editor & Publisher, June 26, 2002
Newspapers missed most Internet trends; isn't it time to catch one?

Journalistic Blogging, by Barb Palser, American Journalism Review, July/August 2002
Mainstream news organizations could steal an idea or two from blogs.

Midgets in Advertising, by Don Preziosi, Postcard Collector, July 2001

No Longer the Cat's Meow?, by Dave Astor, Editor & Publisher, June 17, 2002
Their core daily-newspaper market isn't what it used to be, but syndicates are improvising by finding new revenue sources

Radio: The Rookies, by Ariel Hart, Columbia Journalism Review, July/August 2002

"Sentinel" Seeking Drive-By Business, by Lucia Moses, Editor & Publisher, June 17, 2002
Electronic billboard is designed to steer Orlando motorists to the print product

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