Thursday, July 25, 2002

The Red... Sux!
I am ever so lame today, for many reasons, but the reason I am going to tell you about involves baseball. I had a ticket to last night's Red Sox game. I didn't go, though. You see, I thought the game was tonight. Yesterday a co-worker forwarded an email reminder about the game, and it said "tomorrow" because it had originally been sent two days ago. So "tomorrow" was actually yesterday. You with me?

Also, having just moved into a new office, the ticket was stashed away. Thinking the game was tonight, not last night, I planned to find the ticket today and give it away to someone else. I couldn't go tonight because of recording with the Anchormen. But I could've gone last night. And had I looked for the ticket yesterday, I would've. Certainly should've.

Anyway, I found the ticket more easily than ever expected this morning and was quite surprised that it was dated for yesterday, not today. So I can't even give it away. This is one reason I am lame.

At least the Red Sox lost.

What did I do last night instead of going to the Red Sox game I could've gone to? Stayed home, sat on the Big Blue Couch, and listened to a bunch of great late '80s Wisconsin bands: Couch Flambeau, the Gomers, Cattleprod, and the Tar Babies.

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