Friday, July 12, 2002

Books to Be Took II
Neal Coonerty, uncle of a former colleague of mine and owner of Bookshop Santa Cruz -- with whom I spent time with while traveling last fall -- penned an interesting column about shoplifting for the American Booksellers Association's BookWeb yesterday. He recounts some of the shop's most notable shoplifters -- including a nun in full habit who almost lifted a copy of Buck Naked: A Photographic Guide to Gay Men's Sex -- and a court case in which a young man is torn between three months in jail or a year banishment from Neal's store. "I don't know if I could go a year without going into Bookshop Santa Cruz," he told the judge. I know Abbie Hoffman wrote a tome entitled Steal This Book, but if you do shoplift texts, please don't steal from beautiful independent stores like Bookshop Santa Cruz. Shoplift at Borders or Barnes & Noble. I mean, come on.

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