Thursday, June 05, 2003

The Restaurant I Ate at Last Night XIX

After my class -- a historic walk through the back side of Beacon Hill -- last night, I made my way to the Paris Creperie on Cambridge Street for dinner. The large, open, well-lighted restaurant has a full menu of meal and dessert crepes. I ordered the huevos rancheros crepe, and although it was mostly rice and not too strongly spiced, it was delicious. I'll be back.

Especially because of two things. One, Paris Creperie offers a club program in which you can get 10% off all purchases, 20% off orders made between 2-5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and for now at least, 20% off Monday and Tuesday if you bring your receipt back. Also, the creperie offers a mobile payment program through Mobile Lime -- which seems to be down at the moment. With a Mobile Lime membership, you can pay with your cell phone. At the checkout, you just dial Mobile Lime, enter your location number, hear your order total, and enter your PIN to pay. I wish their Web site was up -- seems sort of sketchy that it's not -- so I could learn more about this, but it seems you can prepay for Mobile Lime purchases or link your membership to a credit card. No charges are made to your cell phone.

When will the United States catch on to paying by cell phone? Seems sensible that these purchases could show up on my cell phone bill rather than be linked to a credit card. Googling for Mobile Lime doesn't bring up much, but if the Smart Mobs citation is correct, "Living Memory explores how emerging technologies provide the members of a community with the means to capture, share and explore their collective experience, thus creating a 'living memory'. Living Memory (LiMe) is an EC-i3 sponsored project developed by a consortium of partners led by Philips Design between 1997 and 2000." Is Mobile Lime related to this effort?

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