Friday, June 27, 2003

From the In Box: Today Is Media Diet's Birthday II

Mail a Meal is a website dedicated to sending Postcards featuring food/drinks to friends in cyberspace!

Apparently, Kathy Biehl sent you a Drink Postcard.

A toast! Long life to Media Diet!
-- Kathy Biehl


Okay, so I've only been reading Media Diet for a couple of weeks. Congratulations on making the 2 year mark!

My two year old son celebrated his birthday by eating bagels and cream cheese, blowing bubbles, and falling down on the grass with his Auntie and Grandma.

Go out and do the online equivalent!
-- Tim Ereneta


I've been a daily reader of Media Diet since our mutual friend, Johann, tipped me off of your whereabouts. You've made the Internet fun again for me, so much so, I get a little too preoccupied at work reading blogs. Filling my head with new ideas and a new taste to innovate. Notwithstanding, inspiration for me to carve my own space into the blogosphere. Best to Media Diet, Heath & the readers! -- Noah

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