Friday, June 27, 2003

From the In Box: Today Is Media Diet's Birthday II

I know you from a few different arenas, but appreciate Media Diet on its own merits. It's nice to have a daily digest of innovations in media. And not just arrogant editors in an antiquated medium or old white guys and models blabbing on TV. You hit the fresh, "alternative" forms of media that take chances, get a new perspective on things, or are at least different and personal. Thanks! -- Clint Schaff


Happy 2nd B-Day to Media Diet! Your site was the first blog I regularly visited, and the key inspiration for me to get off my duff, grab Maria and finally enter the blogosphere ourselves this past March. Meanwhile, I'm glad you stumbled upon our site! We haven't really spread the word yet, so our traffic is slowly rising through word of mouth. It's truly a lot of fun, and I've become quite addicted to it. And it's a cool hobby for Maria and I to share... -- Michael Schneider

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